• Joi, 24 martie, 2022, ora 10:00:
    Ecuația Schrodinger pe grafuri metrice – Dr. Andreea Grecu

Abstract: În cadrul acestei prezentări, vom discuta proprietăți dispersive și principiul incertitudinii Hardy pentru ecuația liniară Schrodinger pe grafuri metrice, precum și rezultate de well-posedness pentru ecuații neliniare, în caz determinist și cu dispersie aleatoare și de zgomot alb.

  • Marti, 29 iunie, 2021:
    Mathematica presentation at Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics – Jon Mcloone (Wolfram)

Description: Find out how you can leverage our ready-to-use data, powerful statistical analysis tools and state-of-the-art symbolic and numerical computation to elevate your workflow. The presentation will focus on Mathematica latest features, numeric and symbolic computation, solving ODE, PDE, optimisation, statistics. A Q&A session will also take place with Jon Mcloone, who is a certified Instructor and the Director of Technical Services, Communication and Strategy at Wolfram.

  • Luni, 10 mai, 2021:
    On the stochastic orders of two multivariate distributions families – Drd. Luigi Catană

Abstract: We present the results obtained on the stochastic orders for two families of multivariate distributions: the uniform distribution on a convex set and a type of Pareto distribution proposed by Mardia.

  • Marți, 13 aprilie, 2021:
    Time-domain moment matching for nonlinear dynamical systems of ODEs – Something to compute… – Dr. Tudor Ionescu (ISMMA)

Abstract: For nonlinear systems, high dimension and complexity are two major issues in dealing with models suitable for (nonlinear) analysis, simulation and control. Even if the high dimension is reduced, complexity may increase as opposed to linear systems where these notions are identical. Therefore, suitable model reduction is called for. This has been studied recently in the time-domain moment matching framework, where suitable notions of moment have been introduced and families of parameterized reduced order models have been developed. The degrees of freedom are used to enforce/preserve properties or topology, increase accuracy, etc. Same ideas apply to the case of infinite-dimensional systems such as, e.g., time-delayed systems, PDE-based models, etc. where families of finite-dimensional systems can be achieved based on moment matching (descarcă prezentarea).

  • Joi, 4 martie, 2021:
    Asupra unei ecuaţii neliniare de evoluţie într-un spaţiu abstract de stări în sensul lui Davies – Dr. Cecil Pompiliu Grunfeld (ISMMA)

Rezumat: Rezultate recente privind existenţa şi unicitatea soluţiilor globale în timp ale problemei Cauchy pentru o ecuaţie neliniara de evoluţie, formulată într-un spaţiu abstract de stări în sensul lui Davies (spaţiu Banach ordonat real, cu norma aditivă pe conul pozitiv) sunt prezentate în contextul aplicării la modele neliniare de evoluţie, specifice mecanicii cuantice.