ISMMA Preprint Series

Editorial board ISMMA preprint series

  • Stelian Ion
  • Liviu Marin
  • Gabriela Marinoschi
  • Vasile Preda
  • Oana Stamate
  • Marius Rădulescu
  • Gheorghiţă Zbăganu

Instructions for authors

  1. The paper will be written in Romanian or English, in .pdf format;
  2. On the first page will appear: the title, the authors and their affiliation;
  3. The corresponding author will send the paper accompanied by a letter regarding the request for publication, by e-mail, to the secretariat of the institute (,;
  4. The letter will clearly state that all authors have accepted the publication of the paper in the ISMMA preprint series; the corresponding author assumes this responsibility;
  5. The secretary will record the works that respect the above and will confirm to the author the receipt of the work. Papers that do not contain all the information specified above will not be registered and the corresponding author will be notified to redo the material.